Jenny’s Wind

June 10, 2006 at 9:53 am (Featured Poems, Once, Poetry)

Jenny would love this gusty wind
were she with me here to see it playing
in these tall oak and birch she knows so thoroughly.

Yes, Jenny
would love this gutty wind which sneaks
beneath the leaves, and rustles them
until they waken. The breeze
pretends it’s morning still
pretends it doesn’t know about the darkness
the silence
which has swept across the world

since yesterday.

The wind is trying harder now.

Relentlessly it tries
to sweep the leaves and branches
into some sort of playful mood
some whim
to rouse them from the death-like mourning
of their silence.

Now and then
it pauses haltingly a moment. Then
rampages on
as if to chase away a darkness

as if to quell
the soundless whelming of her death
before it blackens out September.


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